[Approved] Minutes from July 10th, 2018 PCA Board Meeting

Hello, Pineview Residents.
Here are the minutes from the July 10th, 2018 board meeting.

If you have any comments please forward them to PineviewOttawa@Gmail.com or via our web interface at PineviewOttawa.com 


Date: July 10, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Location: President’s residence

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)

Board members absent:

  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:06pm (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

·         Deletion of 5 i) Strategic Plan

Heather motioned, Trish seconded

3. Approval of meeting minutes – June 12, 2018

·         No changes required

Heather motioned to approve, Dave seconded

4. Review of Action Items

All items are associated with various portfolio-related activities and will be completed over the course of the current board term.

#3 Dave will check Safety Night for files associated with the Neighbourhood Watch Prorgam to finalize FAQ

#4 Volunteer list is now in Mail Chimp, google contacts were updated, lists need to be cross-referenced to finalize process

5. President’s Update

i) Community Hub – August 5th

Permits were just received so a board-only walkthrough may not occur until early August.

All VIP have confirmed attendance at the sneak peek event.

BBQ provided by Tim Tierney, cake by Mona Fortier.

Launch a social media campaign for residents to attend and include posters at key local businesses or city facilities.

Discussion to hold a “dot” vote system on site to garner opinions and ideas on possible future programming.

Discussion to use remaining food resources (snacks) as giveaways and push to collect donations instead. No PCA financial resources are available for this event.

During and end-of-season call with Mona Fortier, Mona expressed interest in joint events like information nights at the Hub.

6. Committee Updates & Assignments

ii) Canada Day Financials and CQI (Trish)

Rental cost for the event increased and the event was not as large, but has grown.

Event cost $2690 and current PCA financial resources are $2,119.62.

PCA is no longer able to recoup event costs based on BBQ alone (earned $561) so we need to look at alternate fund sources:

  • Government of Canada Heritage Foundation has up to $50K available for Canada Day events
  • Civic events funding
  • Corporate sponsorship packages or reciprocal strategic partnerships

For funding streams, PCA needs to determine the requirements: incorporation?

A focus moving forward could be building our inventory to reduce future expenses.

Future events could incorporate a vendor row, and involve community to solicit ideas.

Live music component was popular and should be kept in future.

Cost overruns need to be recouped by March 31st and we will have to discuss as a board on how to fundraise to cover the shortfall.

Hub may be used, but PCA will need to review the terms of agreement to determine what is possible (fundraiser supper, paid memberships, etc.).

iii) 2018 Garden Competition (Dave)

PCA will forgo this event due to lack of volunteers and doing an online format does not necessarily hit the participant demographic.

Perhaps this event can be replaced with a volunteer appreciation night, but cost is a concern.

iv) Review of Traffic Data from Maxime (Heather)

Recent data measured traffic load and speeds over two days on Maxime Street between Cyrville and Ridgebrook.

2800 cars passed through with 72% exceeding the posted speed limit of 40 kms/hr.

Over 10% of speeding vehicles exceeded 55 kms/hr (15 kms over the speed limit).

Great that we have data – but what next? PCA will need to develop a specific ask in relation to this problem to push it forward and work with the city.

There are new calming measures along Bearbrook in Blackburn Hamlet (speed pylons in roadway).

v) Accessibility (Nathalie)

Lining up with Council on Aging a good way to view our community differently, but there appears to be no clear link with the mandate/data collected as part of the portfolio.

Could a walk follow the safety walk route? Heather proposed starting with a walk linked to Hub access.

Proposal to push a walk until September.

vi) Communications (Dave)

Pineview inbox is now cleared and structure was revisited for easier access to inbox content.

Blog started and used to post information. Dave asked if our meeting agendas and minutes could be posted there as well and the board agreed.

A future project for communications is determining where the non-connected live in our community to distribute newsletters strategically.

1) Trish: Breakdown component cost and cost per station

2) Heather: Investigate funding streams for 2019 edition

3) Dave: Reach out to residents for feedback

7. Review of the Pineview Google Drive

Drive reorganized as a one-stop shop for PCA board members to access to find documents, contacts, information, etc.

Contacts lists were created by categories and track correspondence with each contact. Contacts can be added to multiple lists.

The goal is for the drive to become a repository for all PCA-related materials.

Password list on the drive includes all of our existing social media accounts and electronic tools.

When using Facebook, if you post on the closed group, you will post as yourself. If you post from the main page, you post on behalf of the PCA.

4) All: Pass along details for your contacts to be added to the lists

5) All: Review and clean up contact lists as needed

6) All: Check for missing content (from events) to be added to the drive

8. Adjournment: Next Meeting August 14, 2018



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