[Approved] MEETING MINUTES from August 14th, 2018

Date: August 14, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Location: Eastern Ottawa Resource Center, Gloucester Center

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director) – call-in
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:03pm (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

·         No additions or deletions proposed for current agenda

Heather motioned to approve, Trish seconded

3. Approval of meeting minutes – July 10, 2018

·         No changes required

Dave motioned to approve, Heather seconded

4. Review of Action Items

All items are associated with various portfolio-related activities and will be completed over the course of the current board term.

#1 In Progress – Trish: Breakdown component cost and cost per station (Canada Day activities)

#2 In Progress – Heather: Investigate funding streams for 2019 edition (Canada Day event)

#3 DONE – Dave: Reach out to residents for feedback (Canada Day event)

#4 Ongoing – All: Pass along details for your contacts to be added to the lists (PCA drive)

#5 Ongoing – All: Review and clean up contact lists as needed (PCA drive)

#6 Ongoing – All: Check for missing content (from events) to be added to the PCA drive

5. President’s Update

i) Community Hub Sneak Peek – August 5th

Hub space will include: 2 multipurpose rooms, 1 meeting room, 2 small storage rooms, accessible entrance and bathroom, small kitchenette

Full access to the Hub as of November 2018.

This step for the Hub realization is Phase 1. Phase 2 will involve approaching the city for programming.

A social event/grand opening will occur once space is handed to the community. Programming may start as of January 2019.

Councillor Tim Tierney will hold office hours on Friday afternoons at the hub and Mona Fortier has committed to hosting a tax preparation clinic during tax season.

Katherine Armstrong (Global Child Care) will be invited to tour the space with Heather in order to view facilities to establish a play group.

Resident Feedback on Canada Day and Hub Programming (Dave)

Canada Day:

  • Keep live music element
  • Include bouncy castles
  • Add more organized activities for kids in the schedule
  • Fireworks

Heather indicated that Civic Events funding ($3,000) from the city deadline is October 3rd. Dave indicated Heritage Canada grant ($3-5,000) deadline is end of September.

Flying Squirrel and Johnson’s Taekwondo have also expressed interest in being sponsors for Canada Day.

Hub programming ideas:

  • Offers received from attendees regarding programming (sewing class, yoga sessions, trampoline, Spanish class)
  • Play groups
  • Have a canteen on site
  • Arts and crafts

The board wants to receive the hub agreement in writing in order to determine what could be included in programming options.

ii) Municipal Debate (Rothwell and Beacon Hill)

2 candidates are running in our municipal ward for the elections and Rothwell and Beacon Hill will both be hosting debates.

Heather is encouraging PCA to partner with the other associations to ensure that PCA’s voice is heard.” I do not think it is beneficial for PCA to host its own event (unless we get no traction with the other associations), but I do feel one large debate would be the most beneficial to residents.

Tea has volunteered to lead the event. It should be held late-September to early-October.

It is encouraged that questions be submitted in advance for improved event flow and to ensure the questions fall within the municipal government context.

1) Heather to meet with Trish and Tea for Canada Day event brainstorm to complete grant applications and consider sponsorship

2) Heather will introduce Tea to Jeff (Beacon Hill) and Adam (Rothwell)

3) Tea will reach out to movie theatre contact to secure venue to host event

6. Committee Updates & Assignments

i) Strategic Plan (Chaid)

An activity tracking document was circulated to board in July. This is a proposed way to capture what each director is doing on their portfolios.

Dave indicated that he has started inputting data and has made changes to how the information is presented in the document already.

To facilitate tracking unwritten communications (calls, face-to-face meetings, etc.), board members should document such interactions via email sent to the PCA email account to be recorded.

The PCA Strategic Plan draft was also circulated to the board and Chaid indicated as he worked on the draft, a question was raised on how the PCA should measure success.

Board members need to review the file and answer 3 key questions and the direction that is most associated with their portfolio(s).

Next steps will involve a separate meeting to revisit the document once feedback is received and evaluated.

ii) Accessibility (Nathalie)

Nil to report

iii) Walkability Audit (Tea)

Spoke with Diane (Council on Aging) regarding this audit.

PCA will need to decide on several possible dates and Council on Aging will confirm date chosen (their next meeting is September 18th).

Focus of the walk would be on age friendliness and accessibility (instead of the safety lens applied to the safety walk with WYSE) so it would be a complementary activity.

Council of Aging support post-walk regarding implementation of recommendations would involve report production of audit results and follow-up on implementation progress (similar to support provided by WYSE).

Proposed routes for audit:

  • From Hub to Stonehenge
  • From Blair to Tim Horton’s (Innes/Cyrville)
  • Along Meadowbrook from Royal Oak to Moe’s convenience store
  • From Hub to Blair Station pedestrian overpass

iv) Communications (Dave)

Dave reported on resident feedback earlier in the meeting. Nothing else to report.

v) Review upcoming events

August 18th: Movies in the Park (Moana) at Meadowbrook Park

Late September/Early October: municipal debate hosted by PCA to be added to event schedule

Late September/Early October: Walkability audit to be added to event schedule

October 31st: Haunted Pineview – picture uploading / voting format to be reviewed

Late November: Craft Sale at Hub to be added to event schedule

December 2nd: Winter Social/Hub Grand Opening

All other events proposed involving the Hub set aside for further consideration pending availability of the space.

4) All: review the tracking document and send design feedback to Chaid before next board meeting.

5) All: review the strategic plan and answer questions by September 4th

6) Chaid to provide examples to facilitate completion of this review exercise.

7) Chaid to circulate Doodle poll to set separate meeting date.

8) Tea to circulate Doodle poll to select proposed walk dates for late September/early October.

9) Trish to book JPII for Craft Sale as back up location to Hub for late November event.

7. Adjournment: Next Meeting September 11, 2018



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