Pineview Community Association September 2018 Meeting

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Pineview Community Association

Draft Agenda

Executive Meeting, September 11, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Eastern Ottawa Resource Center, Gloucester Centre, 1980 Ogilvie Rd, 2nd floor  

Board Members:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice President)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Chadwick Leneis (Director)
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


  1. Additions/Deletions, Approval of September 11, 2018 Agenda (2 mins)
  2. Approval of minute meetings from August 14, 2018 (2 mins)
  3. Review of Action Items (See below)
  4. Invited Guest: Michelle Lemieux (Community Developer, EORC)
    i) Municipal Elections
    ii) EORC Updates
  5. President’s Update: (10 minutes)
  6. Committee Updates & Assignments (Round Table):
    i)  Strategic Plan (Chaid) (5 minutes)
    ii) Walkability Audit (Tea) (10 minutes)
    iii) Communications (Dave) (10 minutes)
    iv) Review upcoming events (10 minutes)
  7. Adjournment (1 min)
Key Dates of Interest: [For information]

  • October 17: Beacon Hill-Cyrville Community Associations Debate
  • October 22: Municipal Elections
  • October 27: Cleaning the Capital
  • October 31: Haunted Pineview
  • November : Craft Fair (Pineview Hub)
  • December 2: Winter Social & Grand Opening of the Pineview Hub



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