[Approved] Meeting minutes – September 11, 2018

Date: September 11, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Location: OERC, Gloucester Center, 1980 Ogilvie Rd, 2nd floor

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


Board members absent:

  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:06  (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

  • President’s update will be pushed from item 5 to 6
3. Approval of meeting minutes – June 12, 2018

  • ·    Recommendation to make adjustments to the section dealing with the Community Hub agreement by adding that the agreement will also be useful to manage expectations related to stability of community programming in the medium and long term.
  • Heather motions to approve minutes pending the above changes, Tea seconds
4. Review of Action Items

All items are associated with various portfolio-related activities and will be completed over the course of the current board term.

  • Heather met  with Trish about the upcoming Canada Day Event
  • Tea was introduced to Jeff Kaluski (BHCA)
  • Movie theater contact to come
  • Edits to the strat plan + completion of the board consultation document ongoing  – Extension to September 17th
  • Board consultation meeting  booked for September 27
  • All Doodle polls completes
  • Trish to provide update about booking John Paul II elementary school for the upcoming craft sale
5. Invited Guest: Michelle Lemieux (Community Developer, EORC)

Michelle was introduced to new board members and shared that she wanted to take the opportunity to connect with the new activity year starting.

EORC has been busy with five wards election, mainly resident training, organizing debates,, meets and greets, etc. She shared copies of the latest “making your voice count” pamphlets with board members.

One debate is being organized in Orleans, with 10 tables for different providers (e.g, Just foods). The event to be held September 27th will use an open space forum concept.

Other debate will be organized For Innes (Sept. 19) + Gloucester Southgate (Oct. 11)

Dave suggested that Michelle connects with Tea about potential questions which could be used for the upcoming joint debate. Michelle is glad to see community associations take the lead on organizing debates.

EORC has found two residents for Making Voices Count workshop.

EORC is advocating for healthy transportation.  The board shared that they’re pushing for a plan to support safe access in & out of Pineview through proper road/sidewalk design. Michelle offered to connect the PCA with Trevor Haché of Healthy Transport who has involvements with such initiatives.

The EORC is also advocating for a municipal poverty strategy, which could include:

  • Petition to build affordable housing next to transit hubs
  • Pushing for 20% of all build for low-income population
  • Educate about misconception related to poverty to City Council, citizens
  • All part of advocacy for poverty reduction strategy

Michelle also informs the board that the EORC playgroups will now be managed by the Vanier Service Centre.  However Michelle can still help with playgroups for the community hub, like opening lines of communications.

It was reiterated to Michelle that the board hopes to have the hub           open in November 2018. Residents excitement is being felt, with man asking about possible programming (e.g., for seniors, after school programs, Tae Kwon Do). Fee for service may eventually be an option.

The PCA will submit a civic fund grant for Canada Day and EORC can offer  insurance coverage again (offered via extension); will also do it for the Nov. 24 Craft Fair (planned to be in the Hub, JPII as backup;); n o problem for either venue. Michelle also confirmed that she’s available to be present on Canada Day.

1 – Heather/Dave to connect with Michelle about meeting Trevor
6. Committee Updates & Assignments

i) Strategic Plan (Chaid)

Chaid has begun looking at the responses provided by the board for the strategic planning consultation. Some of the comments had excellent measures, such as using the Ottawa Police crime reporting website for data comparison against other neighborhoods.

Michelle informed the board that the Neighborhood survey 2016 is being revived under a different name through the Ottawa Privy Council. There is an individual  trained to use the data reporting  tool. The data is updated periodically. Michelle offered to connect the PCA with the right project contact. It was noted that such data reporting is supports the trend towards evidence-based policy planning.

Chaid and Dave completed the 2018-21 consultation  tracking mechanism. It was clarified that items flagged by the community which have since been resolved can be captured in a separate tab. This data will be useful in creating narrative reports at AGMs (ex., 64 residents fixed this issue, etc.);  One goal being to empower residents to engage and manage the neighborhood.
ii) Walkability Audit (Tea)
The Safety Walking committee discussing potential dates, will get back and confirm.

Based on doodle dates, board members are asked hold the dates (Sept. 28, 29, 30, Oct.2nd). Anecdotal discussion from Dave/Heather about need for benches (from seniors, parents, etc)

iii) Update on Beacon Hill-Cyrville Debate (Tea)

A collaborative debate, on October 17th is being organized for Ward 11 with the Beacon Hill-Cyrville and the Rothewell Heights Property Owners Association (Rhpoa. Adam Polka from RHPOA will be working on social media. The PCA will contribute a third of the event’s costs (approx. 100$). Tea to confirm what the funds will be used for, however her understanding is that it would be used for rental of space and equipment (ex: microphone). Tea will negotiate having a third of the proceeds split with the PCA since the board is contributing a third of the costs.

The  PCA could have a table on site however it would need to                        avoid collecting donations and securing memberships. PCA directors are nevertheless invited to attend the event , ideally wearing their PCA t-shirt.

EORC may connect with Tea in order to forward questions directly for the event;  Tea reminded the group that no open questions will be taken from the floor at the event. One individual from the BHCA will be reviewing the debate questions for selection.

Tea forwarded the motion for the board to approve the  100$ contribution to the event: Chaid seconded, unanimous support from the board.

The PCA will explore having John coordinate the live stream, although Adam might also do it.

iv) Communications (Dave)

Created system to capture communications from residents. There is currently low customer outreach.

v) Review upcoming events
October 27: Cleaning the Capital

If the weather remains cold, there may be an issue with community participation, considering whether to move the date. Registration with the City already done, packages to be picked up.

October 31: Haunted Pineview

Photo contests to be setup. Trish willing to take over the event again. Prizes so far : passes at Cosmic Adventure + Flying Squirrel. Event promotion can begin through flyers, word-of-mouth, checking out houses.

November 27 : Craft Fair (Pineview Hub)

Looking for vendors, ads were made; applications being submitted by potential vendors. Process will be used to determine which of them will sit at the fair, to be completed by October 5. Trish and Tea may be collaborate on the exercise.

Looking to have 30 tables (30$ a piece) + bake sale table.  Tables could be secured for less than 10$ each with a chair if the event is held at the Hub. If held at JPII, then rental (200$ through community credit) would eat into revenues; However they do have 20 tables available.

Recommendation from the board to wait until November to advertise the JPII location (if needed); could also do a press release.

One table will be used for donated stuff, another fo a bake sale with donated goods from a number of bakeries, ie Strawberry Blond Bakery, Sugar Sugar Ottawa, and more to come.

There will be wrapping station for gifts with 3-4 volunteers. Discussion as to whether it needs to be a paid service (for adults).

It was noted that food permits are only needed if selling hot food.

Marketing strategy:

            -Social media: with $ costs, perhaps from pocket

 -Each people involved with the event  could advertise on own social media page

            -Radio stations

            -Kijiji and other Internet classified stuff


 -Parent-Teachers associations could also do a blast

 -Could use community boards at library, pool, loblaws

 -Spotlights on vendors: Recommendation to include this document as part of application process

-Distribute posters to other CAs

It was note that one other craft fair will be taking place that same weekend. Discussion about reaching out to Calvary Church, they have a venue plus access to their community, may be an avenue worth exploring.

There’s also the Mosque which would could be reached out to for advertisement to their community.

Make a wish Foundation could also be potential partners.

Need to have big door prizes
7. New Business
i) Community Partnerships: Flying Squirrel (Trish)

Trish was able to get in touch with the owners and secured entry passes.They also are interested in a booth table at Canada Day. Finally they are willing tol support PCA advertisement, asks to send anything their way.

ii) Food bank drive – September 19

PCA could advertise drive for food bank on that date, and also push for money donation.

2 – Heather/Dave to connect with Michelle about new neighborhood data reporting project

3 – Chaid to create  a separate tab for fixed community consultation issues

4 – Tea to follow-up with Adam and Geoff about payment details + ask if event is in English or bilingual (especially for questions) + negotiate donation details split

5-Trish to reach out to JPI Director to see if we could reserve space without fees (before November)

6-Tea to design poster

6. Presidents update

Goal next year for Heather is to focus on building relationships with the community and stakeholders to leverage resources, increase visibility.

Last year’s Harvest Moon Festival, which was the first time East CAs got together to do an event, led to side chatter on potential sharing of resources (e.g., screen projectors).

Tea recommends to secure someone that could focus on fundraiser, separate from the role of the President who will focus on building relationships.

Dave recommends a contact who does fundraising for many CAs (she’s a PV resident). This would be part of strategic recruitment for board members (e.g., bilingual Communications Director is also needed).

Board discusses about using the Hub to leverage membership; One other value add could be reaching out to businesses for discounts to membership holders.

The board can also look into leveraging the Hub for Corporate memberships.

8. Adjournment: Next Meeting August 14, 2018


Heather motioned, Tea seconded.



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