[Approved] Meeting Minutes from October 15 Meeting – Next Meeting Nov 13th

Date: October 15, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Location: Chaidwick Leneis residence

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:10pm (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

No additions or deletions identified.

3. Approval of meeting minutes – September 11, 2018

·         No changes required

Heather motioned to approve, Tea seconded

4. Review of Action Items

#1 DONE (Heather/Dave to connect with Michelle about meeting Trevor)

#2 DONE (Heather/Dave to connect with Mhcielle about new neighbourhood data reporting project)

#3 ONGOING: Chaid to create a separate tab for fixed community consultation issues

#4 DONE (Tea to follow up with Adam and Geoff if event is in English or bilingual)

#4 ONGOING: Tea to follow up with Adam and Geoff about payment details and negotiate donation details split

#5 ONGOING: Trish to reach out to JPII Director to see if we could reserve space without fees

#6 ONGOING: Tea to design poster

Event will be in English. Tea will be event timekeeper.


Needs to be presented to the school board for consideration.

5. President’s Update

Civic Events Fund:

Deadline extended to October 17 (by one week) to apply for up to $3K in funding.

  • Budget component is completed
  • Draft was reviewed by board members
  • Package will include 2017 final event finance submission

Results should be confirmed in January 2019.

Plan to recycle content for Heritage fund application.


Beginning of November remains opening timeline, but no definitive date given.

6. Committee Updates & Assignments

i) Update on Strategic Plan (Chaid)

Plan for another stand-alone meeting to follow up on September session.

Measures and the work plan are the next items to be completed.

Looking to give scope and direction to current and future board members so aim is to keep it simple and to provide focus.

Funding for the Hub remains unresolved as an issue for the board as does the use of Hub-generated funding for other PCA initiatives as a revenue stream.

  • The board is still waiting to receive the Hub agreement

Tea suggested looking at other comparable community associations with community space to see what they do and what their experiences have been (possibly Rideau and former high school space).

ii) Feedback from Walkability Audit (Tea)

Turnout for the event was good and Tea has briefly looked at the results. They appear to be through and include pictures.

Tea needs to write report to be presented to the board before being shared with the Council on Aging.

iii) Communications (Dave)

Illegal donations bin located at Eugene and Aurele has been removed.

Facebook group is generating side conversations not originating with the Association. Recent subjects have included:

  • Revving cars on Meadowbrook
  • Daycare space requests

City of Ottawa has issued information re: cannabis.

Dave will be issuing communications relating to the upcoming debate (October 17th), the municipal election (October 22), upcoming events, and cannabis information

iv) Review upcoming events (Trish)

Haunted Pineview:

Content is scheduled to be posted, we will ask for photos to be submitted via our email account to facilitate the tracking of entries

Craft Fair:

To be held at Hub (with JPII listed as a back-up venue)

Deadline for vendors to pay is October 20th.

Due to a few changes in vendors, there is still room available for some vendors. Situation to be revisited on October 20th.

Tea to make a poster for the event.

Rental expenses estimated at $276. To reduce costs, looking to board members and volunteers to lend tables.

Heather will push for access to the Hub to confirm state of readiness to host our November and December events and will report back to the board by November 1st.

1) Tea: Write walkability report by end of November for board consideration.

2) Dave: Will post communications about the debate, municipal election, upcoming events and cannabis information

3) Tea: Will make a poster for Craft Fair event

4) All: Lend tables for Craft Fair where possible

5) Heather: To access Hub to determine readiness for events and report back to board by November 1st.

7. New Business

i) Synapcity Citizens’ Jury Demo Project on Electoral Reform

Event will explain the two voting system styles (first past the post and ranked ballot), run a mock election and ask for participant feedback.

6) Tea: Will attend Synapcity event on behalf of PCA and report back to the board.
8. Adjournment: Next Meeting November 13, 2018



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