[Approved] November 13th Pineview Community Association Meeting Minutes

Date: November 13, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Location: Eastern Ottawa Resource Center, Gloucester Center

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)

Board members absent:

  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)


  • Elise (Community member)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:02pm (Heather)

A general introduction of the PCA’s current main files and work projects was given to the guest attendee, specifically information about current and upcoming events, strategic plan, and portfolios.

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

Addition: Debate Invoice under “New Business”

Heather motioned to approve, Trish seconded

3. Approval of meeting minutes – October 15, 2018

·         No changes required

Dave motioned to approve, Tea seconded

4. Review of Action Items

#1 ongoing

#2-6 DONE

5. President’s Update

TMP Review:

Heather to have a call with Trevor Haché in advance of the TMP review to get a sense of methods, partnering with key groups, and how to engage residents to assist and asked board if anything should be brought up during the call.

Nathalie suggested asking how PCA could move forward either in the TMP context or through our current work on the traffic portfolio to implement alternate measures to traffic light installation.

Heather will report back to the board on the call once it takes place.


Heritage Canada fund submission due at the end of November.

Feedback from the Civic Events fund will be received in January 2019.

Park application is now open to apply for use of the space and permits.

Heather will be attending a dinner on November 24th on behalf of the PCA to build partnerships with Mitri Hanna who interested in being a Canada Day partner.

Tea asked under what circumstances the board would reject a business partnership (the current prospect wants to explore community programming possibilities). PCA will prioritize local business and discuss any approaches from organizations that would reflect badly on the PCA as a board.

Portfolio Status Report:

Accessibility: may merge into Transportation portfolio and some items may be managed through the walkability audit results to complete some easier items; portfolio is currently on hold as Nathalie is stepping back from this role

Parks and Green Initiatives: some beautification projects have taken place to date (tree planting, clean up the capital spring event)

Traffic and Safety: PCA looking to address this with the TMP and increase communications on the safe nature of our community; Dave will be attending an Elmvale Acres consultation.

Infrastructure: activities ongoing

Community and Volunteer Engagement: activities ongoing

Events and Recreation: events highly active, programming at the Hub TBC


Occupancy permit to be received and signed this week. Occupancy numbers are unknown.

Hub will open for the Craft Fair temporarily and will be closed again to complete work (door installation and washrooms) so winter social event TBC.

Heather is meeting with Sandra Schwartz and Bob Chiarelli to ask about funding sources in relation to their work with establishing the Rideau Rockcliffe Resource Centre.

There is a need identified for local food banks. A canned goods donation component will be added to the Craft Fair for entry into a raffle prize draw as well as increased communications identifying their needs.

1) Heather: report back to the board on the call once it takes place with Trevor Haché

2) Heather: to complete and submit Heritage Canada fund submission

3) Dave: to attend an Elmvale Acres consultation

4) Heather: to meet with Sandra Schwartz and Bob Chiarelli to ask about funding sources for the Hub

6. Committee Updates & Assignments

i) Walkability Audit and Synapcity’s Electoral (Tea)

Walkability audit:

Report to follow (ongoing action item)


The workshop helped participants understand the election process with a focus on the municipal level of government.

The event involved breakout tables with an exercise and feedback process.

A mix of attendees were present ranging from those very educated on the election process to others with little knowledge and the materials were viewed both through an emotional and pragmatic lens.

ii) Communications (Dave)

Residents have reached out to use the Hub for Bingo.

Volunteer Ottawa: PCA can sign up to post volunteer recruitment free of charge.

Community night at Ottawa Senators game with a dedicated night and section for the ward.

City board recruitment is starting and handout was shared with members for their interest.

iii) Events: Haunted Pineview and Craft Fair (Trish)

Haunted Pineview:

Good response with many thank you and appreciation messages for holding the event again this year.

A number of new participants this year.

Craft Fair:

Communications will include vendor spotlights on social media (340 people are interested in going to the event), radio show and press release to come, flyer drop and poster distribution, and signage in front of the Hub (with many of these happening closer to the event date of November 24th).

PCA will plan for set up the day before the event and clean up the day after the event.

The event will bring in about $820.

The current finances of the association prompted a discussion about increased fiscal responsibility and accounting for more accurate numbers.

The role of treasurer needs to be recruited for as a separate dedicated function will be established as part of future planning.

5) Tea: to let Dave know if Jeff or Adam go forward with Sens night so we can promote the event

6) Trish: to supply vendor list and prize donors to Heather for thank you letter production

7) Heather: to formally invite VIPs

8) All: to supply (where possible) baked goods from board, tables, wrapping paper, and volunteer hours.

9) Heather: to reach out to Pineview Pizza for food for volunteers

7. New Business

i) Debate invoice

Facebook advertising cost $100 for PCA’s share. Tea sent invoice to Trish for payment.

8. Adjournment: Next Meeting TBC



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