What’s going on by Blair & the Gloucester Center | Plan of Subdivision for 2280 City Park Drive

Some time this year, 2019 the Ottawa Light Rail (LRT) will be up and carrying passengers.  If you’ve been by the Blair Road station you may have noticed a 23 story building that has sprung up next door to it in the last year.

This rental building, Frontier is also expected to be open later this year (2019).  With 228 apartments ranging in size from 548 to 1416 square feet, this will bring a boom to the area.

Fig 1

Owned by RioCan and operated by Killam Apartment REIT this is the first of 5 proposed building to be build on the site.

They have recently filed this plan of subdivision with the City of Ottawa (image below, link to city of Ottawa file.)

The next building, Phase 2 is a proposed 20 story tower (which has a site plan filed here.) and in the future Phase 3 would be an 18 story tower, Phase 4 would be a 16 story tower with retail shops along City Park Drive and Phase 5 would be an 18 story tower closer to the LRT.  Finally the spot where 10 Sushi is located will be redeveloped to a 2 story commercial building with a restaurant (10 Sushi returns?) on the main level.

Fig 2

Currently, the plan for the land (File # D07-16-18-0031), and the second tower (File #
D07-12-18-0122) are open for comments with the city.  You can send any comments you might have to

Name : Shoma Murshid
Phone : 613-580-2424 x15430
Email: shoma.murshid@ottawa.ca

Please cc PineviewOttawa@Gmail.com on any comments you send it so we can follow along on these files.

The full Plan of Subdivision pdf can be seen here: All_Image Referencing_Subdivision_Image Reference_2019-01-29 – Planning Rationale – D07-16-18-0031.

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