[Approved] Meeting Minutes from January 28th 2019

Date: January 28, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Location: Eastern Ottawa Resource Center, Gloucester Center

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)

Board members absent:

  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)


Minutes Action
1. Call to order

6:59pm (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

Amendment: Move item: AGM meeting minutes to March board meeting agenda

Heather motioned to approve, Trish seconded

3. Approval of meeting minutes – November 13, 2018

·         No changes required

Heather motioned to approve, Dave seconded

4. Review of Action Items

#5: considered completed: no response received from outreach to Jeff and Adam re: hockey night

All previous items completed from October and November.

1) All: Review all open action items from previous meetings relating to individual portfolios to complete or report progress as required.
5. Mid-Year Financial Review (Trish)

The current financial status report was shared with board members indicating a balance of $2,630.

A financial breakdown of the last PCA event (craft fair) was also provided identifying expenses and income generated for the PCA.

Upcoming expense for 2019-20 will be renewal of current insurance policy in June 2019 ($2M). May increase to $5M liability.

A financial proposal of the 2019 Canada Day event tabled for discussion and board vote.

  • Cost will be approximately $4,600 for 2019-20 event
  • PCA applied for a Heritage Canada grant: response yet to be received
  • PCA applied and received $1,800 in civic events funding from the City of Ottawa
  • Proposal price list identifies all event elements and costs which currently result in a $2,800 deficit if entire proposal is funded
  • Board agrees to reach out to potential sponsors to fund some planned activities
  • Board discussed which elements were non-negotiable: first aid, toilets, music entertainment (2 hours), princess/super hero, face painting

Board vote on proposed Canada Day budget: Heather motioned to approve, Nathalie seconded and all in favour. Carried.

2) Trish: look at cancellation policy for bouncy castle rental

3) Heather: follow up with elected officials (attendance / support) and Heritage Canada (grant application status)

4) Nathalie: follow up with GHS for: historical picture for Hub, possible speaker for Canada Day and invite to AGM

6. Validation of the Strategic Plan (Chaid)


Chaid presented a draft high-level slide presentation with the current data collected into four (4) themes and key activities aligned with the PCA constitution:

  • Communicate and Engage
  • Advocate for a Healthy and Safe Neighbourhood
  • The Hub
  • Events

Next steps:

  • To approve the proposed strategic plan in February
  • To create aligned action items post-AGM with portfolio leaders

This strategic plan outlines the direction of the PCA over the next 5 years (2019-2024).

7. Recruitment strategy and marketing for new directors (Heather)

Recruitment will be based on desired skill sets, competencies and experience.

This more targeted approach will include:

  • Consistency in key messaging across all communication tools (including communicating that we have an onboarding package for new members)
  • Leveraging our networks

To fill vacancies, all communications will direct interested candidates to complete a Google form on the PCA web site.

Positions the PCA is seeking to fill include:

  • Treasurer
  • Communications Director
  • Fundraising Director
  • Volunteer Management Director
  • Community Development Director
  • Traffic Safety Director

PCA is set up on Volunteer Ottawa and ready to post for recruitment.

5) All: Provide a testimonial and a photo with “why we are PCA board members” to Heather by March.
8. Communications Update (Dave)

i) Site Plan (1501 Innes Road)

Dave attended an Elmvale Acres community association meeting (association created based on addressing development in the area).

The Elmvale Acres group successfully sent developers back to the drawing board regarding the development project they opposed.

The City of Ottawa is changing their site plan process: only large development will have signage posted on the proposed site and all other requests will be online.

Dave will present any online materials for the Pineview area to the board as they are available. Dave presented a plan proposed for Innes Road: developer seeking to add more retail in a parking lot area located in current retail zone, the proposal is open to comments and there is no information on the future occupant.

ii) Rinks

The City of Ottawa had a push for rink maintenance volunteers of area outdoor skating rinks.

Volunteers are paid a stipend by the city.

PCA has the contact information at the city to report any volunteer issues with this maintenance.

iii) Hub Programming / Use

A potential tenant is visiting to see the space on Friday – would be a long term tenant for one evening per week.

There is interest from EORC to run programming. PCA is to advise once the space is open for use.

iv) Ecology Ottawa

This group is advocating active transportation at Blair (more in President’s report)

9. President’s Update

i) Hub construction timeline and space management agreement

Hub timeline:

Door, windows, and accessible washroom work to be completed by mid-February.

PCA will plan for the grand opening to align with the April AGM.


The agreement with the city is being drafted.

ii) Association incorporation

Incorporation ensures permanency of the PCA and limits the legal responsibility of its board members.

PCA already keeps records, abides bylaws and holds annual AGM which are all requirements under incorporation.

iii) Pre-budget consultations with city

PCA sent letters in December on smart healthy transportation design to the city and Hub programming following call with Trevor Haché in the fall.

PCA members attended consultations and reemphasized our priorities.

iv) Incident in Pineview and community safety

There was a shooting incident report on January 21st resulting in building damage only.

City councilor, police and the EORC approached the PCA asking what support we needed.

PCA responded to the incident via our social media avenues and received positive feedback for addressing the issue quickly with residents.

Next steps:

  • Hosting another safety night event (ideally by March)

v) Ecology Ottawa

This organization collaborates with community associations on active transportation to and from LRT and they have funding and volunteers available for this project.

6) Heather: investigate cost of incorporation and requirements for filing financial statements
10. New Business

i) PCA events for 2019-2020

The Winter Social will be cancelled (no Hub access).

March 10th: pancake breakfast at John Paul II

April 2019: PCA AGM

April 2019: Clean up the capital (spring edition)

Proposed spring events: garage sale, May craft sale

ii) February meeting date

Date for next board meeting changed to February 20th.

7) Heather: Contact Crime Prevention Ottawa to attend breakfast

8) All: Think about possible spring events and present ideas at next meeting

8. Adjournment: Next Meeting February 20th

i) February meeting date

Date for next board meeting changed to February 20th.

Meeting adjourned: 8:47pm


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