[Approved] Meeting Minutes from February 20th 2019

Date: February 20, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Location: Room B, North Gloucester Library

Board members present:

  • Heather Scott (President)
  • Dave Williams (Vice-President)
  • Trish Williams (Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Seguin (Secretary)
  • Chaidwick Leneis (Director)

Board members absent:

  • Tea Derakhshan (Director)
Minutes Action
1. Call to order

7:00pm (Heather)

2. Addition/Deletion to agenda

Amendment: Strategic “direction” instead of “plan”

Heather motioned to approve, Dave seconded

3. Approval of meeting minutes – January 28, 2019

·         No changes required

Dave motioned to approve, Chaid seconded

4. Review of Action Items

#1: done

#2 Trish to look at bouncy castle cancellation policy: in progress

#3: done – attendance and in-kind support confirmed; official invite to be sent and grant received

#4: no response received, to follow up

#5 All to provide testimonials and photos: in progress – due by end of March

#6 Heather to investigate incorporation and filing financial statements: in progress

#7: done – reached out to councillor’s event coordinator who will reach out

#8 Spring events: to be discussed as part of agenda

#9: in progress- materials to be found to finalize 2018 AGM minutes

5. Canada Day Update (Trish)

Face painter booked: $271

One of 2 musician slots confirmed.

Accessible toilet facilities price increased. $340 was budgeted, $640 is cost (including delivery).

First aid pending confirmation: St. John’s Ambulance assign volunteers in March, former supplier costs increased, several quotes received for review.

Superhero and princess hours confirmed – invoice pending receipt and payment.

Heritage Canada grant was successful ($1,800) and Civic events funding was also successful ($1,100). Of the $2,900 received, $1,500 has been spent to date.

In-kind donations will be received from Mona Fortier and Tim Tierney’s offices.

Key rentals and food expenses pending (approximately $3178 left in expenses to clear).

6. Validation of the Strategic Direction (Chaid)

Change in wording from plan to direction: plan suggests more detail while direction is more reflective of leading us forward.

The new board will identify bullets/plan to achieve.

Going forward, we may need to incorporate training sessions or share best practices to guide new board members on how to create a plan.

Next steps: Chaid will present the strategic direction at the next AGM. Communications for sharing the plan will need to be developed as part of the recruitment messaging.

Board vote: Chaid put forward the motion to have the board approve the proposed direction for 2019-2024 for the PCA. All in favour of the motion.

1) Dave: Create 1-pager take away draft to make available at the AGM.
7. Communications Update (Dave)

Parks People Grant (TD Canada Trust): $2,000 available for community groups that have 3 events planned in parks between April-December (deadline to submit is March 4th).

Paint It Up Grant (Crime Prevention Ottawa): available to create art installations in parks (outdoor murals) to prevent or deter graffiti. This may be a consideration for the next board.

Neighbourhood projects:

  • City Park development: 4 buildings planned at Gloucester Center joining current building in progress (20, 18, 18 and 16 story rental units with retail and no clear information about affordable housing); have until March 4th to comment on the plan – a blog post to community has not generated any responses yet
  • $15M more of city budget earmarked for affordable housing, 5 government buildings

Snow: many comments from residents about snow.

Nathalie contacted councillor’s office for snow removal at Cyrville and Maxime and action was taken; car was towed on Meadowbrook with further clean up pending; Stonehenge clean up completed.

Crime Prevention Ottawa 2019 plan development includes community safety and sexual assault/violence. Refer to their web site for more information.

New request received for a community garden from new Pineview residents. Could the lawn in front of the Hub be used?

In State of the City address, Pineview Hub was mentioned in the budget speech by the Mayor.

8. President’s Update (Heather)

i) Meeting with Mona Fortier

Mona has a new executive assistant who reached out to all community associations and meeting was held on February 18th.

Invitation issued to the AGM, and Canada Day assistance was requested and both were approved.

Mona is keen on having office hours in the Hub to align with MPP and councilor services (ideally same room at same time) and will leverage networks to promote the Hub.

Mona will help advertise our need for directors in her newsletters and is interested in adding content and paying for newsletter production.

Mona also indicated there is a government program we could consider to hire a summer student as a paid part-time position next year.

ii) Space Management Agreement

Draft agreement received and reviewed.

It is to be signed by April 1st by PCA, Suzanne then city’s legal department.

Discussion by board:

  • Add phone and internet access services to the agreement
  • Add a first aid kit if one is not provided by the city for the site
  • Ask for clarity re: design and display of the signage and which room is being identified as the storage room in the agreement
  • Schedule B was missing as was the fee schedule

Civic events funding: all board members will need to sign off to have funding released.

iii) Recruitment Strategy and Marketing for New Directors

Key messages handout was shared and a Google Forum was created – just needs to get up and running.

Stylized ads to be ready for early March to target those who interacted with us online first.

Board agrees to a newsletter blitz in early April and to hit underserved areas first and use the tracking map as well.

Material will need to be translated.

2) Dave: to develop a rate sheet for the PCA newsletter.

3) Heather: to ask Suzanne about the missing items, items for addition, and points of clarity.

4) Heather: Draft newsletter.

9. New Business

i) PCA events for 2019-2020

Item to be tabled at next board meeting.

Spring events include Mother’s Day craft fair, possibility of a vendors ow for Canada day (with priority going to residents and local), garage sale June 1.

10. Adjournment: Next Meeting March 12th

Meeting adjourned: 8:30pm

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